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SB Nation Top 25 BlogPoll Week 9 - Initial Draft

Here we are again. Help us out. Who's too high? Who's too low?

Brett Deering

We've got K-State ahead of Notre Dame because they've been totally dominant the last few weeks.

Oregon finally gets a chance on a big stage this week. We'll be watching that closely.

Georgia's loss to South Carolina is basically irrelevant now.

Still kind of iffy on LSU. Just don't see them as a top 5 team.

Hard to drop Tech too much for losing at the #2 team's place.

The Pac 12 business is sort of convoluted at the moment.

Never been too big on Mississippi State. They had their first big test Saturday and failed badly.

Never been big on Boise. They lost to a Michigan State team that's proved to be pretty bad and beat a bunch of bad teams since then.

Ditto with Tulsa. But they play Arkansas this week so I ranked them just to set the game up a little.