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Ole Miss 30, Arkansas 27: They Had It

Instant Reaction to the Ole Miss @ Arkansas college football game on October 27th, 2012

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

In a game that was decided in the 4th quarter, Ole Miss had the little bit extra that they needed to defeat the Razorbacks in Little Rock.

My wife commented after the game "at least it wasn't this bad when we were at Arkansas", and while I'm glad to be out of school, my fandom still persists and this 3-5 season is frustrating. And while we've seen the heart attack Hogs for the past couple of seasons taking opponents and fans alike to the brink, but we've grown SO accustomed to winning those games. Those losses this season - this one, the Rutgers game, and the ULM game weren't that out of the ordinary, but Arkansas WON those games.

Watching this game, it seemed clear that even though it was tied after 58 minutes of football, Arkansas was the team with the momentum. A couple of bad breaks had given the Hogs' offense some difficulty, but after Dennis Johnson put the team on his shoulders and blasted through the Ole Miss line to score in the 4th quarter, it was clear that the Arkansas defense would hold up and either force an overtime game they'd clearly win.

But we all watched and we know that's not what happened. Some teams win with no 4th down conversions. Some teams win when they have 6 offensive penalties in the 4th quarter. Some teams can get over a big loss and go on to win 10 games in a season. That's the thing. This team DOES NOT deal well with controversy and adversity. This team lost 3 games in a row by a combined score of 145-36 after losing to ULM.

That magic is gone. Arkansas isn't going to win those close games anymore. There isn't going to be a magical 4th quarter comebacks. Ole Miss has it, Arkansas doesn't.