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Feral Swine Headlines Week 9: Resurrected Razorbacks Look For Redemption In The Rock

As the Razorbacks appear to have made a turnaround, the quest for bowl eligibility begins Saturday at the scene of Arkansas' most crushing defeat.

The return of Chris Gragg gives Hog fans another reason for optimism .
The return of Chris Gragg gives Hog fans another reason for optimism .
Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

The bye week is gone and we're looking at 5 more consecutive weeks of Arkansas football. The last two games have been exciting to watch as the Hogs finally appear to be rolling on all cylinders after a four game skid that started with an embarassing loss to Sun Belt front runner Louisiana Monroe.

This week, the Arkansas football team returns to the scene of the Mishap on Markham, in hopes to establish a new clever nickname tying the location of the event to the outcome.

Let's hope for some Redemption in the Rock.

After blasting Auburn and running Kentucky out of town early, Tyler Wilson and the Razorbacks have a new found confidence as they try to resurrect the team. With the return of Chris Gragg, John L claims that "We're as healthy as we can be." Gragg has told various media outlets, as well as many social media followers, that he feels the need to make up for the time he's missed. Gragg, arguably the nation's best tight end, could be in for a huge game. Look for him to play hungry for the rest of the season to help save what's left of the season. Gragg's breakout game came last year at War Memorial, where the Warren product caught 8 balls for 119 yards and a touchdown in the 44-17 win against Mississippi State. Look for Tyler to get him the ball plenty, as perhaps his most reliable option returns.

By now, we should all know to look for fireworks out of Cobi Hamilton in Little Rock. The senior has played some of his best football on West Markham. Despite the horrendous outcome of the last Little Rock game, Hamilton still managed to haul in 6 catches for 99 yards and a score, not his biggest performance in War Memorial, but not too shabby.

On the other side of the ball, despite season ending injuries to two starting linebackers, senior Terrell Williams has stepped in and performed very well. In the past two games, he has 17 tackles and a sack. Going into Auburn, he had 20 tackles on the season. Coaches are happy with his play thus far, and it's a great opportunity for a guy who's played mostly special teams up to this point in his career. Look for more production out of the senior from Tulsa.

Lucky for the Hog's defense, Ole Miss doesn't boast much in the passing game. With 229.6 ypg, they'll most likely look for their SEC's 4th ranked rushing attack that averages 211 ypg. Arkansas' defense seemed to have improved vastly the past few weeks, and have done a pretty nice job of stuffing the run recently. This, however, is not Houston Dale Nutt's Ole Miss Rebels, this team is much improved from the past few seasons. Up in almost every statistical category from a year ago, coach Hugh Freeze could have the Rebels contending in the next few years. After losing two consecutive to Arkansas, the Rebels are ready for a change.

However, the Hogs are hungry for bowl eligibility and a hungry, healthy Arkansas team seems pretty dangerous right now. The guys want to make it up to the fans and themselves for what happened in Little Rock back in early September, and I think that will be the difference in this game.

Can the Hog's make it 3-0? Just think, a whole month of not Again, let's try not to get too far ahead of ourselves. Be safe on the golf course, Hog fans, I wish I could join you.