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Sausage Links - October 23, 2012

We got everything on the new Sausage Links . Football, basketball, and even girls swimming are featured today.

Wesley Hitt

Everyone that knows anything about football knows that Arkansas will be looking for a new head football coach for next season; but what about Auburn? They are two years removed from a national championship and have been sliding ever since. Things on the plains have gotten pretty ugly and some fans are calling for Chizik's head. Arkansas used to have a coach that might be pretty high up Auburn's list. A coach that needs motorcycle lessons, a man that is a strong supporter of college volleyball teams, and loves to help former volleyball players get jobs and extra financial help. Can you guess who I am talking about? Well if you can't your head has been in a hole for about 6 months. Chris Bahn from Arkansas Sports 360, writes more about the connection of Auburn and Bobby Petrino.

The Arkansas' Basketball team enters the season projected as a top five team in the SEC. Kentucky, Florida, Missouri, and Tennessee were all picked ahead of the Hogs. I like to look at it like this, if SEC Basketball was still split into the East and West, Arkansas would be ranked number 1 in the West. Feels good, right? Steve Sullivan of KATV, has more on SEC preseason basketball, including a few Razorbacks that made All- SEC lists.

When was the last time we talked about the Razorback swimming team? Probably never, well I guess there is a first time for everything. The Hogs lost to the Georgia Bulldogs, 187-113, in the "Swim for the Cure Meet," A meet that promotes breast cancer awareness. I know what some are thinking, "How do you score points in swimming?" I have no idea. I guess it's like track, not real sure though. Even though the Hogs lost it wasn't really fair. The Bulldogs have Allison Schmitt, the same Allison Schmitt that won like five medals in the Olympics last summer. Not fair, not fair at all. Eric Harris, of the Arkansas Traveler, has more on the swim meet. Everyone who reads this article remember this day, I think we broke a barrier talking about girls swimming, but don't get used to it, probably won't ever happen again.

The Ole Miss - Arkansas game has never really been a friendly game, but now they have taken it too far. The women who embarrassed us all for her love has been brought back on their SB Nation site. Her love for the Razorbacks is respected, but her videos make you cringe. Touche Red Cup Rebellion, you may have won the battle, but the Hogs will win the war.

Good news Hog fans. Chris Gragg is ready to roll this weekend against Ole Miss. Dennis Johnson has been running like a train lately and we can thank his mom for that. For more stories like these take a look at Chris Bahn's story from Tuesday on media availability with the Arkansas Football Team.