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Sausage Links - October 2, 2012

It is another tough week for Hog fans, but here are some stories that can give you hope and some that will make you just say crap.

Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Texas A&M Quarterback Johnny Manziel owes Arkansas' defense a big thank you. With the help of Arkansas' "defense" Manziel was named ESPN's Offensive Player of the Week. The quarterback broke the A&M and SEC total offensive yard record with 557 yards. ESPN's Chris Low breaks down his players of the week.

If you quit watching the game Saturday, or just decided to block it out of your memory, here is a recap of the game down in College Station on

It was an interesting weekend in SEC football. Alabama trailed Ole Miss for about 1 minute, Georgia and Tennessee had a game full of offensive fireworks, LSU had trouble pulling away from Towson and Missouri was in a dog fight with UCF. Here is a weekend rewind from The Chicago Tribune.

College Basketball is on the horizon. Many talented players are ready to improve on the past year and some are ready to break out. Mike Rutherford, of SB Nation, lists his top 100 players coming into the season. Arkansas' B.J. Young has has made the list. Hopefully after the season some of our young guns will have a spot on it too.

The Arkansas defense is ranked 120 out of 124 in total defense this year. The Hogs head down to Auburn next weekend and they will need all the help they can get. The good news for the Hogs is that Auburn will be without Wide Receiver Quan Bray. Barrett Sallee, from The Bleacher Report, takes a look at what the suspension will mean for this week's game.