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Bye Week Movies: Videos of what Arkansas' next offense and defense will look like

We don't know who the Hogs will hire to be the next head coach this December, but we can get a little preview of what offenses and defenses they'll bring to Fayetteville

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Kevin C. Cox

With no Razorback game on the slate this week and Jeff Long's big announcement that he wants to hire a new coach by December, this weekend seems to be as good a week as ever to sit back, fire up the computer, and check out some game tape.

Thankfully, the internet is an incredible encyclopedia of football knowledge and has more full replays and offensive cut-ups available than you or I ever thought imaginable. After parsing through the list of coaching candidates, I found one or two videos from almost every candidate on the list and compiled them here for your viewing pleasure.

Some of the videos aren't recent - or perfect in quality - but they're a great resource to watch in order to get a feel for each coach's style.

The best part about these videos is that you can watch the whole game or you can click through and watch only the offense or only the defense - and there aren't any commercials.

Check them out and see what you like best and who you might want to be Head Hog by Christmastime.

Charlie Strong: First is a video from Louisville's appearance in the Belk Bowl last December, where NC State outlasted the Cardinals in a 31-24 win.

And then there's a video of Florida's defense in the 2009 BCS National Championship against Oklahoma. This was Strong's best defensive unit when he was D-coordinator at Florida, and it led the Gators to a national title.

Kirby Smart: What better way to appreciate Kirby Smart and Nick Saban's work than to watch their 21-0 whipping of LSU in the BCS national title game?

It's also worth checking out this downloadable version of LSU's playbook from 2001. Smart wasn't at LSU with Saban yet, but it provides an interesting, comprehensive look into the Tigers (and, of course, the modern-day Crimson Tide's) strategy and coaching. It's addicting stuff for any football junkie, and a look into exactly what Smart will bring to any team when he becomes a head coach.

James Franklin: The full video from Georgia's blowout win over the 'Dores. Not a pretty sight.

Sonny Dykes: The full video from Louisiana Tech's shootout with Texas A&M last week. The Bulldogs lost, 59-57, but they made it awfully entertaining.

Mark Hudspeth: This video specifically highlights LaDarius Green, but you can still get a feel for the Ragin' Cajun offense.

Willie Taggart: Western Kentucky gets blown out by Alabama, 35-0, in this video, but notice how well the Hilltoppers move the ball against the Tide's defense on their first few offensive possessions. This offense is the exact same offense that Stanford and the 49ers have used over the last few years, so just imagine how good it could be with a few SEC recruiting classes.

Gus Malzahn: First, let's look at Auburn against Georgia in 2010.

Next, let's look at Auburn against Virginia on New Year's Eve, 2011.

Hmm. Big difference, huh?

Butch Jones: Again, this video isn't perfect - it only shows Cincinnati's running plays - but it's better than nothing.

Butch Davis: We won't take you all the way back to his days at Miami - or his days with the Browns - but instead check out how he ran his pro-style offense at North Carolina.

Art Briles and Steve Sarkisian: This video knocks out two birds with one stone. Defense is optional. (Click hyperlink to see it)

Gary Patterson: The full video of TCU's improbable Rose Bowl win over Wisconsin. (Again, click the hyperlink.)

Jon Gruden: I think we can all agree that this video shows he's clearly the man for the job. (Yes, it's safe for work.)