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Razorback SEC Schedule Set For Fall 2013

The Where and Who of Next Season

Aaron M. Sprecher

Arkansas's SEC schedule for next year came out today. So the future unnamed coach now can see what he will have to deal with in the fall of 2013 sans Tyler Wilson and Cobi Hamilton. If said coach has been watching the SEC on CBS the last few years, he'll note that the season won't kick-off with Vern and Gary watching Alabama whoop on Arkansas. The Hogs won't play the Tide until October the 19th in Tuscaloosa. The schedule also ends with LSU again, so it looks like the coming of Missouri at the end of the season is farther down the road than we were lead to believe. Here is the full schedule of SEC games for the Hogs.

SEPTEMBER 28th: Texas A&M at Arkansas - Most likely Fayetteville, I would imagine. Hopefully we can do a better job of containing "Johnny Football" in the hills than we could at College Station.

OCTOBER 5th: Arkansas at Florida - Yep, Florida is getting good again, so it is time for the Hogs to play them, haha. Florida is still the only team that we have not beaten since joining the league. How much nicer it would have been to have drawn a trip to Lexington, but Kentucky is not on the schedule at all.

OCTOBER 12th: South Carolina at Arkansas - Our 1992 brother stays with us for another year. Sadly, I could see the Hogs at 0-3 in the SEC after this match-up.

OCTOBER 19th: Arkansas at Alabama - Well, those of you who have said we needed to be toughened up some before facing The Tide, you'll get your wish in 2013.

NOVEMBER 2nd: Auburn at Arkansas - I sure hope the Hogs are not winless in conference by this point, but right now, Auburn at home looks like the closest shot at a sure win. Am I being too pessimistic? So much does depend upon a certain job search going on in Fayetteville right now.

NOVEMBER 9th: Arkansas at Ole Miss - We will either be out for revenge over a loss in Little Rock in 2012, or be there to make it four years in a row over Ole Miss.

NOVEMBER 23rd: MSU at Arkansas - My best guess for the Little Rock SEC game.

NOVEMBER 30th: Arkansas at LSU - One more season of ending things with the Bayou Bengals. How much longer will that last?

DID YOU NOTICE? The Hogs don't get two SEC opponents at home in a row. It alternates from here to there throughout the season. I guess that is better than three SEC road games in a row as a few teams have to deal with. So what are your thoughts about the schedule? Got any early predictions?

PS: Forgive us Missouri for including an SEC photograph without you on it. But you do really need to win a conference game to be present in the conference. Kentucky is your best chance. Don't blow it! Yeah, I'll go there. Haha, Auburn paid its way into that photograph.