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SEC 2013 Football Schedule To Be Released at 2:00 PM: What Arkansas Fans Should Look For

Here are a few big questions the SEC schedule release should answer for Razorback fans.

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

Get the phone numbers for your favorite hotels handy. Grab anyone you know who is a potential bride and sit them down with a calendar. The SEC is releasing the in-conference football schedule at 2:00 this afternoon and Arkansas fans should be on the lookout for a few things:

1. When will the LSU game be played? The game has been played the last week of the year since Arkansas joined the SEC, but there's been plenty of smoke around the idea of Arkansas taking on Missouri that weekend and the Tigers playing A&M. We'll find out this afternoon if this is the last time the Razorbacks will end the season against LSU.

2. Where will Arkansas and Missouri start their series? Both the Hogs and Tigers play their standard cross-divisional opponent on the road in 2012 (Arkansas/South Carolina; Missouri/A&M), so both have a claim to play the game at their home stadiums. My guess is that since Arkansas' schedule is more routine compared to the newness of Missouri's, the game will be in Fayetteville. If it's in Columbia, Arkansas will have to play either Alabama, LSU, or an eastern team at home again in 2013 to make up the fourth SEC home game.

3. That is, of course, unless the SEC goes to a 9-game schedule, which I highly, highly favor but it probably won't happen until the SEC Network begins. I don't mean the SEC Network as in, basically the JP Network/Lincoln Financial game. I mean an equivalent to the Big 10 Network.

4. Who will Arkansas play from the east besides Missouri? Arkansas could travel to Lexington if the SEC continues with the 6-1-1 format that trades home-and-homes with schools each year, or there is a chance the SEC could do away with home-and-homes for the rotating divisional games because that would make it about 15 years between visits to each school. That should be answered today. Also, if Arkansas does travel to Lexington, expect the Missouri game to be in Fayetteville.

5. Other than that, we don't expect much else to change. Arkansas should get home games against Texas A&M, Auburn, Mississippi State, and my guess for the fourth game is Missouri. Road games against Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, and an eastern team of mystery.

Anything else you guys are interested in?