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Sausage Links - October 18, 2012

The new Sausage Links is out and has stories from all over college sports.

Beth Hall-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Razorback fans are going crazy about their football coaching hunt. Every name in the book has been mentioned, Gruden (Please quit saying his name, not going to happen), Smart, Strong, Patterson, and everyone in between. Fans know the Hogs have the money to pay for a top-notch coach. But what about assistant coaches? Paying a top-tier coach is very expensive. The Razorbacks are already building new facilities (which cost more money than I will ever see in 100 life times). The new coach will want to make sure he will have the budget to hire the assistants he wants. Chris Bahn of Arkansas Sports 360 has more on the assistant coach fund.

SB Nation's Jason Kirk has made his latest bowl projections. Bad news Hog fans, you will have a tough time finding the Hogs on his list.

I don't like numbers, never have. I hate math; addition, subtraction, fractions, doesn't matter I don't like them. As much as I don't like numbers, week 7 of college football put up some pretty interesting ones. Bill Connelly of SB Nation has some pretty crazy stats from the previous week of college football. I still don't like numbers though.

Basketball is next up in Arkansas' major sports, but not too far behind is baseball season. Head Baseball Coach Dave Van Horn will have his hands full this season. The schedule was announced Wednesday, and the Hogs will play 22 games against teams that made the NCAA tournament last year. Jessica Duff from Today's THV has more on the Hogs schedule.

The Arkansas Football team looked tough in their victory over Kentucky. Tyler WIlson was unstoppable and some receivers stepped up. The Razorbacks won the game, but who were the real winners and losers of last Saturday's game? Jacob Blalock, from the Bleacher Report, has the answers.