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Sausage Links - October 16, 2012

Sausage Links has the best stories about the Hogs and the rest of the SEC.

Wesley Hitt - Getty Images

The John L. Smith era is almost over for Razorback fans. In fact, if AD Jeff Long has it his was there may be a new coach in place before the calendar year is over. Matt Vererame, of SB Nation, has more on Long's plan for the next coaching hire.

Arkansas' Football player Garrett Uekman passed away 11 months ago. By all accounts he was a great young man, who loved playing football for the Razorbacks. His family has made sure his legacy will continue to go on by setting up a $100,000 scholarship in his name. Jonathan Athens, of KARK 4 News, has the full story.

If you have ever wondered why Kentucky is terrible at football, we finally know the answer. Kentucky puts almost as much money in their basketball light show, than it does in their entire football recruiting budget. This is not a joke. I mean it is pretty funny, but it is sad for the football team that works just as hard to be as important as the basketball team's light show. How does Kentucky Coach Joker Phillips have a shot to win, especially when he is getting no support from the school? Sean Newell, from Deadspin,com, has more on the travesty in Kentucky.

Tyler Wilson did whatever he wanted to against Kentucky. Throwing for 372 yards and five touchdowns, earned him Manning Star of the Week honors. Most of the time when you are a quarterback, and hear your name along with the name Manning in the same sentence, it is a really good thing. According to, he was also an Honorable Mention Quarterback of the Week by the Davey O'Brien Award. Just think if he would have played a full game.

The awards did not stop with Tyler Wilson, Zach Hocker was named SEC tri-Special Teams player of the Week. Hocker was 7-of-7 on PATs, and averaged 64.5 yards on kickoff., has more on Hocker.

There was a lot of action by former Razorbacks and other players from the Natural state on Sunday. Players with Arkansas' ties had touchdowns, interceptions and enjoyed a little pine time on the bench. Todd Traub, of Arkansas Sports 360, takes a look at the players with Arkansas' ties in the NFL.