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SB Nation BlogPoll Initial Ballot - Week 7

Here's our initial entry. Who's too high? Who's too low?

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

Not gonna lie, it's tricky to rank teams at this point. Lots of undefeated/one-loss teams remain.

I hate to have Stanford that low. Dropping teams in the rankings following a tough road loss to a good team is a pet peeve of mine.

The Big 12 is weird. You have to have KSU in front of Oklahoma, who you have to have in front of Texas Tech, who you have to have in front of West Virginia, who you have to have in front of Texas (if you still have Texas ranked). The odds of the conference staying that cleanly ordered the rest of the year are slim and none.

How good is the Florida/LSU/South Carolina triumvirate? We don't really know yet. Pretty damn good.

I'd really like for Oregon to beat somebody. It'd make things easier.

Not sure what to make of Oklahoma and Ohio State. They've been inconsistent, but when at their best, they've been really solid.

Western Kentucky may be the class of the Sun Belt, which is possibly enjoying the strongest year of its existence this season.

What do you think?