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Rasputin Shares His Prediction for the Kentucky Game. What's Yours?

Our ageless Russian prognosticator, Rasputin, breaks out of a monthlong funk and shares his thoughts on the Kentucky game.


Regular readers of this site know that Rasputin, our ageless Russian prognosticator who has tirelessly followed the Hogs for more than a century, has been growing ever more dangerously depressed with each passing week. Quite frankly there have been several times when we've feared for both his safety and that of those around him.

The victory over Auburn seems to have righted his mental ship at least temporarily, as he didn't look a day over 200 when he staggered into the Expats HQ and delivered the following forecast:

Down is up, and black is white
Strange things happen when Cats and Hogs tussle in the night.
In 2007 Felix's kickoff return was but for naught
And the next year DeAnthony's fumble left me overwraught.
To say nothing of endless overtimes...
Yes, our battles with Kentucky subvert the paradigm.

This year, I'm sure will be no exception
The state of this team I have almost no perception.
My faith in the coaches is ebbing lower,
And our defensive players are dropping like grass in a lawnmower.

But in Tyler I trust, and he will find a way
To deliver victory #3 late in this autumn day.
Mighty efforts will be expended, our jerseys will get dirty,
But in the end the truth will be Razorbacks 34, Wildcats 30.

Is ol' Raz back on track, or has he permanently lost the plot? Vote in the poll below, then leave us a comment with more detailed thoughts.