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Reasons to Hate: Kentucky

Andy Lyons - Getty Images

While there are many emotions Hog fans feel when it comes to SEC football, Pride, Joy (sometimes), and even Sadness, the most poignant emotion is Hate! Hate for those that share the same conference! Hate for those teams that have spoiled seasons! Hate for the team that stands on the other side of the field of the team we Love. Embrace the Hate, because it's Kentucky week, and they deserve it.

Basketball: Yeah... you knew I was going to say it. From John Calipari right down the Adolf Rupp, Kentucky has had a long line of low-lifes heading up their basketball program, but that's nothing to compare to their fans. And even though it's football season you HAVE to hate Kentucky fans because they are so full of themselves. They just won a national championship right? What they've won 8 of them? Legitimately? Yeah I think we can hate on that.

History: 2-4.... Yeah believe it or not, Arkansas and Kentucky have played 6 times, and Kentucky has won 4 of them, including the last 2. They are 2-0 in Fayetteville, Arkansas! Granted they gave us our 2nd record-setting 7 overtime game in 2003, but I'm not sure I want a 3rd. Kentucky is one of those teams you only play ever once in awhile, which makes it even more miserable that we are in the hole against them. I know that the 1-point loss in 2008 was particularly tough because it made the difference between the two teams going to bowl games. (Kentucky finished 6-6 and we finished 5-7)

History Part 2: Oh yeah, I forgot about the game we lost in 2007. Remember that one when we had a lead at 29-21 and let them win the game 42-29 after scoring three straight 4th quarter touchdowns? I guess we can thank them a little bit as the loss to them in 2007 helped set us down the road of FOIA requests, plane banners circling, and calling for Houston Nutt's head, but that loss still sucked.

This Season: So last week we played Auburn... they've been a little down on their luck, and we curb stomped them with 8 sacks to make us feel better. This week we play Kentucky, and they are a little down on their luck, too. They've lost every game against FBS foes except against Kent State (Yeah the Golden Flashes play in the MAC... they're technically FBS) and they had a crushing overtime loss against the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers the week after we lost to Sun Belt Foe Louisiana-Monroe. While it's tempting to feel bad for Kentucky, we have to remember, we are just barely better than them right now, and they have relatively smooth sailing the next couple of games compared to us. You gotta hate the people you can beat, and Kentucky might be one of the last teams we can beat. Oh and they are stealing our thunder with this whole injury thing they've got going on. That's OURS!

The Triple Crown: Why is the first leg always in Kentucky? Let's move it around and let the Arkansas Derby take a turn!

Can't Hate on This: Okay... it's getting hard to hate on Kentucky. That last one was a stretch. Maybe we can get a little more anger going in Basketball season, but let's just remember that we can go on a nice streak if we can beat Kentucky, Ole Miss, and Tulsa. So kick your cat off the couch, poor yourself a nice glass of Jack (if you're over 21), and grab a bucket of KFC, because even if you hate the Wildcats, it's hard to hate the rest of Kentucky. If you're going to be in Fayetteville, make sure and grab some AQ Chicken... That'll help you hate on the Wildcats!