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Sausage Links - October 10, 2012

A look at what is going on around Arkansas and the rest of college football.

Wesley Hitt - Getty Images

Everybody can agree that John L. Smith's days as the Arkansas Head Football Coach are numbered. Smith is not the only head coach that seems to be headed out the door. Bill Connelly, of SB Nation, has his own opinions of who is on the hot seat. Here is a look at a few coaches that already have a foot out the door and some that have seats that are starting to warm up.

The Arkansas Defense looked impressive against a terrible Auburn Offense. Regardless of how good or bad Auburn's offense was, the Razorback Defense gave fan's hope. Much of the hope the fans had dwindled with the news of Alonzo Highsmith's foot injury. The heart and soul of the defense will miss the rest of the Razorback's season. Highsmith was one of the few leaders the defense had. Jerry Hinnen, of CBS Sports Blogs, takes a look at Arkansas' loss.

Tyler WIlson was lucky to not continue the streak of bad luck for Arkansas Razorbacks Tuesday afternoon. Wilson was involved in a car wreck on 540. Thankfully the Senior Quarterback was unharmed. Edward Aschoff, of ESPN, has more on the story.

Wonder how your favorite players from Arkansas' are doing in the pros? Todd Traub, of Arkansas Sports 360, gives a run down of players tied to the Natural State, who are now playing in the NFL.

Everyone has their favorite game day shirt. People wear them because they think they are lucky, look good or it is a ritual. Some shirts no matter how much you like them just should never be worn. Bill Hanstock, of SB Nation, has some particular shirts and jerseys that should never be seen on a person.