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On the Bubble? Arkansas 82, Vanderbilt 74

Before tonight's victory over Vanderbilt, ESPN analyst and former Razorback walk-on Jimmy Dykes tweeted the following:

Arkansas with a shot to pick up 3rd top 40 RPI win tonite vs Vandy. Are they playing their way into NCAA's...

In my highly unbiased opinion, yes, yes they are. Most likely, they will need to go undefeated at home (they're 16-0 in Bud after tonight's win), snag a road win or two, and win an SEC Tournament game to get a ticket to the dance (I can't believe I just typed that - I've always hated that phrase) but all of those things are real possibilities.

I didn't think an NCAA bid likely before the season, when Marshawn Powell was still healthy. That Arkansas is having this kind of season without him is impressive and fun as hell to watch.

As for tonight's contest, it was another big game for Rickey Scott, who led the team with 18 points and also grabbed five rebounds. The gritty Julysses Nobles added 17 points The evening even brought the first game appearance of backup Razorback quarterback Brandon Mitchell.

Before we all go back to obsessing about the soon-to-be-announced college choice of a certain Springfield, Mo., wide receiver, chime in with your thoughts about tonight's game and the Hogs' NCAA chances.