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Rough Roads In The SEC

Tonight the Hogs play on ESPN (9 PM Eastern) Vanderbilt in Bud Walton Arena to what I expect will be a loud and jumping crowd. Note to crowd, you all need to have your "We Want You DGB!" signs made and ready for tonight, haha. Vanderbilt brings a 2-0 road record to Fayetteville. The only other team to go undefeated on the road in the SEC is No. 1 Kentucky. Arkansas has not lost a conference game at home, but Vanderbilt is one of the rare conference teams to have a home loss. And that brings us to today's trivia question, a rare basketball trivia question from me. After 39 conference games as of yesterday, just how hard to win on the road in the SEC this year do you think it is? The answer is in the comment section.