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Hog Call Podcast: The Eugene Nash Interview

He didn't play in many games or score many points, but few players have captured the hearts of Razorback fans like Eugene Nash did. During his time as a walk-on for Eddie Sutton's squads of the late 70s and early 80s, the waning moments of blowout wins featured a soundtrack of booming crowd chants of "Eu-GENE! Eu-GENE!" When Sutton would put Nash in, the crowd would go nuts. His thunderous dunk against Southwest Missouri State (pictured above) is a moment that will never be forgotten by those who saw it; the feat so thrilled fans that someone began producing "Eugene, Eugene, The Dunking Machine" t-shirts.

In this edition of the Hog Call Podcast, we talk with Eugene about his Razorback career. Site historians may recall that we published a two-part Q&A with Nash four years ago (here's part 1 and part 2) but we thought you'd enjoy a chance to hear his tale in his voice.

During the course of the show, Eugene discusses how he became a walk-on, which Razorback did a dead-on impersonation of Coach Sutton, the most exciting victory of his Arkansas career and which Barry Manilow song makes him think about his stint as a Hog. Many thanks to Eugene for his time.

To hear all of these entertaining yarns and more, hit the play button on the widget below (note: the audio is a little choppy in parts. We apologize.). Download the episode and subscribe to the podcast by visiting TalkShoe or iTunes.