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The Hogs vs. ????? in Little Rock in 2012

The winds of change, from what I can tell, appear to be blowing over War Memorial Stadium in connection to the Hogs' tradition of playing LSU there every other year on the Friday after Thanksgiving. You might have noticed that when Jeff Long and company put out next year's football schedule that locations were omitted. It just says "Home." Count me amongst those who would miss seeing LSU in Little Rock. And, yes, I am a ticket holder for the Little Rock games. But if a change is to be made, as it seems like it will be, which team would we want to have in Little Rock in place of LSU? That is the subject of today's poll question. And I am even adding the option of "None - Move Them All to Campus" just to see how many of you lean in that direction. I don't count myself amongst you, but I do acknowledge you and your arguments.