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Super Hogs: Razorbacks In The Super Bowl

The game is set for Indianapolis, and though for me it is a crying shame that New Orleans won't be there, the Giants and the Patriots do have on their rosters former Hogs that I am happy about them being there. Last year's Super Bowl had former Hog, Brett Goode, playing for the Packers. And this year we'll get two Hogs, # 70 Tony Ugoh and # 62 Mitch Petrus, for the Giants and more famously #15 Ryan Mallett with the Patriots. However, your chances of seeing a Hog actually on the field are much better with Tony Ugoh and Mitch Petrus, haha. I believe Ryan is sitting at third string quarterback right now. So even if by some bad fortune for the Patriots, Brady got hurt, it would be Brian Hoyer who would step in next. To go along with this post, here is a history, straight from the media guide, of the Razorbacks who have played in the Super Bowl over the years.

Lance Alworth (Dallas) vs. (Miami) in VI

Steve Atwater (Denver) vs. (San Francisco) in XXIV / (Green Bay) in XXXII / (Atlanta) in XXXIII

Ravin Caldwell (Washington) vs. (Denver) in XXII and (Buffalo) in XXVI

Mike Cherry (N.Y. Giants) vs. (Baltimore) in XXXV

Steve Cox (Washington) vs. (Denver) in XXII

Henry Ford (Tennessee) vs. (St. Louis) in XXIV

Ryan Hale (N.Y. Giants) vs. (Baltimore) in XXXV

Dan Hampton (Chicago) vs. (New England) in XX

Raylee Johnson (San Diego) vs. (San Francisco) in XXIX

Greg Lasker (N.Y. Giants) vs. (Denver) in XXI

Jim Lindsey (Minnesota) vs. (Kansas City) in IV

Brison Manor (Denver) vs. (Dallas) in XII

Dave Reavis (Pittsburgh) vs. (Minnesota) in IX / (Dallas) in X

Billy Ray Smith (Baltimore) vs. (N.Y. Jets) in III / (Dallas) in V

R.C. Thielemann (Washington) vs. (Denver) in XXII

Tony Ugoh (Indianapolis) vs. (New Orleans) in XLIV

Dennis Winston (Pittsburgh) vs. (Dallas) in XIII / (L.A. Rams) in XIV.

Worth noting, Jerry Jones, Barry Switzer, Jimmy Johnson, all former Hogs, had a thing or two to do with three Super Bowl wins by Dallas in the 1990s. You could add Washington's Joe Gibbs (coached in four Super Bowls) in there as a former assistant coach for the Hogs. All this to say, that the Hogs have some not insignificant history with the biggest game in American sports. And either Ryan Mallett or Mitch Petrus and Tony Ugoh are going to get Super Bowl rings this year. Personally, I hope it is the Giants, for I had to root against Ugoh the last time he was in a Super Bowl, when they played the Saints. No offense taken, I hope, Ryan.