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Not Ready for Super Tuesday: Kentucky Wildcats 86, Arkansas Razorbacks 63

Tonight marked the Razorbacks' first appearance on ESPN's Super Tuesday since 2008. The bigwigs in Bristol probably aren't anxious to have them back anytime soon.

As I would imagine most Hog fans were expecting, Arkansas was seriously overmatched this evening in Rupp Arena. Don't be fooled by the 23-point margin of victory: this game wasn't that close. The Wildcats are very, very good (particularly Anthony Davis, who narrowly missed a triple-double with 27 points, 14 rebounds and 7 blocked shots). The Razorbacks ... well ... they aren't. They play pretty well in Bud Walton, but they've been God-awful on the road, shooting l40 percent or less in all four of their road games.

Columnist Nate Allen recently compared this team to Nolan Richardson's second Razorback squad, which won 19 games, went to the NIT and struggled mightily when it played outside the state. That sounds about right - and that's not a bad place for Anderson and this team to be, especially when you consider the off-season departure of Rotnei Clarke and the season-ending injury to Marshawn Powell.

By and large, I have enjoyed this Razorback season. I'm just learning to avert my eyes when they hit the road.