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More Thoughts on Conference Realignment / The Oliver Stone Edition


  • I have to say that although the SEC voted to accept A&M's application for admission to the conference last night, I am surprised they made the acceptance contingent on all Big 12 schools voluntarily waiving their right to sue the conference. The SEC basically gave every single Big 12 school the power to keep A&M from leaving the conference, and those schools don't even have to file a lawsuit, they just have to say they won't waive their right to file a lawsuit, and the move is blocked. Quite frankly, I am surprised the SEC chancellors and presidents are that stupid.
  • The above quote is from an Aggie blogger over on SBNATIONS "I am the 12th Man" blog. And it has got me to thinking along this line of thought. How much does the SEC really want Texas A&M? Obviously, at this point not enough to put the SEC lawyers on the field to beat what my non-legal mind (I admit) thinks to be a weak case. Might the SEC have created this roadblock not because they are "stupid" but because they could take or leave the Aggies. "Yeah, it would be great if we could have you guys, but we aren't going to spend any extra effort to get you, because, you know, we are doing pretty well as is. And this whole 14th member thing, a big headache, really. " Could that be the sentiment in the head office? 

    If the SEC really wanted the Aggies, don't you think the conference would be willing to spend some time in court to get Baylor's lawsuit or any other conference member's lawsuit tossed out? I don't know if there is someone on a grassy knoll in Birmingham out in front of the SEC offices, but I do find it mighty curious that the SEC has let such a scenario unfold that blocks A&M's admission to the SEC. Or maybe they fear that there is a tape of Mike Slive asking A&M to come over to the SEC? Thus tortious interference, and Baylor has more of a case. But I don't think Mike Slive, a lawyer, would ever be so careless.

    Who knows what is really being said behind conference doors at the moment? I just hope when it is all said and done that some good reporter (a Bob Woodward of college football) is able to get access and writes an account of the great conference shakeups of 2010-2011. I would even buy it in hardcover!