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Some Thoughts About Realignment or How the College Football World Turns

Matt Jones (the sports writer) reports on his blog that the Big 12 reached out from the deck of its sinking ship to ask if Arkansas would like to come aboard. Take the link to read Long's much more polite refusal than my suggested "Hell No!"

On the subject of conference realignment, I admit that I've become something of a realignment junkie as I've read a many article with that subject as its focus. But in the war of television and market share over tradition and fans, always put me in the camp with the latter. I don't believe college football has ever been more popular than it is right now. With the coming super-conferences and the tossing of geography out the window, I just worry that we might spoil the sport we love so much in the name of bigger must be better.

Writing to you from Big 12 (insert -2, -3, joke here) country, I find it hard to get my head around the idea that I could soon be part of Pac 16 Country. You would have to have some mighty powerful binoculars to see the Pacific from Oklahoma, haha. I heard suggested "The Pacific Southwest Conference," as a new name. At least it would recognize the change in geography.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am thankful for Daddy Frank and his securing a spot for us in the SEC. In football, I'll admit that we have not exactly lit the world on fire since joining (if only we had won during those three trips to Atlanta) and I think the Aggies will have a tough go of it as well, at least initially. But we've had a great upgrade in coaching in Petrino, and I think the days are coming when Arkansas is looked at with more respect as an SEC member school.

If the SEC can get by a possible lawsuit from Baylor (Ken Starr raises his ugly head again), then Arkansas and South Carolina will no longer be the newest kids on the SEC block. Here is to hoping that the Hogs treat their soon to be Texas neighbor to a good butt whooping in Arlington in the near future and wherever else we end up playing the Aggie cult.

One final thought: Would we even be discussing this if the Longhorns and the Big 12 had taken a "We all equally share the revenue" approach like the SEC has? A much hated word in America, especially in Texas, but might have some good old "socialism" saved the sinking ship that is the Big 12?  I think it could have. And now the Longhorns might end up in the only way they can get along with others - as an independent. How very Texan. We'll see just how well true rugged individualism works out for them. Hmm, how many national titles have the Irish won lately? How relevant have they been? ADDENDUM: Longhorns, learn how to get along with others and cling to the hand of the PAC (whatever?) if it reaches out for you.