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Tyler Wilson: Your Early-Season Front Runner for the Heisman Trophy

OK, so maybe that headline is a slight exaggeration (or perhaps a craven attempt to get you to read this post). The point is, while Saturday's opponent was certainly no great shakes, and we have yet to see how Tyler Wilson will handle the week-in, week-out grind of leading a team in the nation's best conference, the redshirt junior's debut as starting quarterback has be to considered a success.

While he was only on the field for four offensive possessions, he did complete 18 of 24 passes for a total of 260 yards (according to Bob Holt of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Wilson’s 75 percent completion rate was the ninth-best single-game percentage in Razorback history with a minimum of 20 attempts). He also tossed two touchdown passes and even displayed something we haven't seen much of out of the quarterback position lately - the ability to scramble - when he uncorked a seven-yard run near the end of the first quarter that left the Hogs one yard shy of the end zone.

“I thought he was very poised, very under control and really understood what we wanted to get done,” the-not-terribly-easy-to-please Bobby Petrino after the game, according to Holt's article. “He threw the ball well and distributed it well.”

After all these years on The Hill (doesn't it seem like 200 years ago that Wilson made those early-season appearances back in 2008?), it's exciting to Wilson finally getting his chance to lead the Hogs. He seems like a good dude. And he's given every indication that he's going to be a fine quarterback.