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No Surprises: Arkansas 51, Missouri State 7

As expected, the Razorbacks started their 2011 season by pounding Missouri State. Tyler Wilson looked sharp, Jarius Wright had a monster night statistically and Joe Adams is ... well, Joe Adams is pretty awesome. He returned two punts for touchdowns, and his third-quarter return was one for the ages.

The running backs had a fairly quiet night overall, but it was nice to see the Lazarus-like De'Anthony Curtis get some snaps and peel off a 15-yard run, and to see Kody Walker run for two touchdowns in his first college game.

And Kiero Small served notice to basketball walk-on Kikko Haydar that the battle for the best name in the athletic program is on.

All in all, a very fun start to the 2011 season .

What are your thoughts?