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SEC Power Poll Week 4: Our Ballot

We can feel the steely, disapproving glare of our junior-high civics teachers, as we have not been exercising our right to vote in the SEC Power Poll this fall. Well, that stops now.

We have been inspired by the heroics of the Arab Spring, and it is our solemn vow to you to once again cast a poorly informed and half-baked ballot each and every week. God bless America.

Without further ado and without comment 'cause we're pressed for time, here's our ballot:

1. LSU
2. Alabama
3. South Carolina
4. Florida
5. Arkansas
6. Auburn
7. Georgia
8. Tennessee
9. Mississippi State
10. Vanderbilt
11. Kentucky
12. Ole Miss (OK, one comment: Who can't watch Ole Miss' struggles this year and be reminded of the Greek chorus of talking heads who, as the 2007 season played out, said Arkansas would be foolish to get rid of HDN?)