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Well, If It Wasn't Hard Enough Already, No Jake Bequette For Bama

Just read this report that Petrino announced that due to his hamstring, Jake will have to sit out the game tomorrow. Back in the New Mexico game when I saw him limping off the field, I said "Oh, Crap!" I was hoping he would be back for the start of the SEC season, but I know with hamstrings you have to be patient with them to heal. But maybe this will be the "Mr. Smith Goes To Tuscaloosa" show and Chris plays a great game. Trying to stay optimistic. I hope so. Still, wouldn't we all feel better if No. 91 was going to be on the field? We knew Bama was going to go heavy with the run with the backs they have and a new quarterback. I suppose now we'll see even more of that from their offense. It is shaping up more and more like a contest between Alabama's running game and Arkansas's passing game. And Alabama's running game just got some good news. So did their passing game when you think about no Jake Bequette to put need pressure on their quarterback.