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Reasons to Hate: Alabama

That's right Hog fans: autumn is officially here, meaning it's time for fall leaves, crisp evenings and REASONS TO HATE the Razorbacks' upcoming opponent. It's Alabama week, so like a wise old man once said, let your hatred flow:

1. This Time It's Personal. We almost hate to mention it, but it's time we got this off our chests: before this site launched (as back in 2007, the Hogs had an entirely respectable 8-8 record vs the Tide since joining the SEC. Since then, however, it's been nothing but misery in the form of a heartbreaker in Tuscaloosa, a blowout in Fayetteville, a blowout in Tuscaloosa and then, of course, last year's heartbreaker in Fayetteville. It's fair to say there may even be something of an Expats-related curse in effect (possibly due to the Bear's wrath over this post). We won't take it personally if you blame us a little bit.

2. Last Year. Need we say more?

3. Nick Saban. There are many reasons to hate Saban: his joyless (lack of) personality, his Napoleon complex, his incredible dancing ability. But most of all, he's hatable because he wins...a lot. More specifically, he's won all four times he's faced off against Arkansas, and that's just not cool. We've seen the sight of his tiny legs carrying him off the field after beating the Hogs, probably going straight into the locker room to dine on a feast of boiled puppies and fried kittens, way too often, and it needs to stop.

4. A.J. McCarron and His Absurd Chest Tattoo. Click this link right here and feast your eyes on the man who will be leading the Tide into battle on Saturday. Would Tyler Wilson do such a thing? Would Brandon Mitchell? We think not...surely the Hogs can find a way to shut down such a clownish figure.

5. The Bear. Overrated or wildly overrated? You decide.