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Razorback Hodgepodge: 9-21-11

Some notable links from the Interweb:

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Money quotes from Low:

But the SEC also has another streak going. Four different teams from the league have won the last four national titles. 

Arkansas would love to be the fifth, and the Hogs get their chance on Saturday in Tuscaloosa to prove that the Big Two in the West is really the Big Three. 


Are they ready? 

We’re going to find out, but they seem to be more equipped than they have been under Petrino to win a game of this magnitude. 

For one, it’s the best defense Arkansas has fielded under Petrino. The Hogs are deep and athletic up front, and it’s also a veteran unit. Defensive end Jake Bequette, linebacker Jerry Franklin, linebacker Jerico Nelson and safety Tramain Thomas have all been playing since they were freshmen and sophomores. 

If this is a fourth-quarter game similar to a year ago, the Hogs shouldn't be overwhelmed by the pressure.