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Hog Call Podcast: Reviewing Troy, Previewing Alabama with A Boy Named Sooie

Back by neither popular nor critical demand, it's our Hog Call Podcast.

In today's episode, Stephen and John visit with Derek Jenkins, the man formerly known as the Arkansas Times' A Boy Named Sooie and, as a resident of the Great White North, a true Razorback expat.

Topics discussed include the sluggish victory over Troy, the upcoming showdown against Alabama (save the hate mail!), Houston Nutt's struggles, Gene Chizik's disturbing lack of sideburns, Nick Saban's capacity for glee and the expansion of the SEC (spoiler alert: we're not terribly interested in it).

Many thanks to Derek for his time and insight. We're hoping he'll visit these parts again soon.

To hear all of this and more, hit the play button on the widget below. Download the episode and subscribe to the podcast by visiting TalkShoe or iTunes.