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Razorback Hodgepodge: 8/9/2011

Felix is Da Man. According to The Associated Press (AP), former Razorback Felix Jones is slated to be the featured running back for the Dallas Cowboys. "We’ve seen a maturation process of Felix really since he’s gotten here," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett told the AP. "The more and more he’s been here I think the more he’s shown that he’s able to be a durable every-down back. ... He’s clearly taken on the mentality that ‘I’m the featured guy,’ and that’s a good thing."

Man at Work. Speaking of former Hogs in the NFL, Ian Rapoport of The Boston Herald reports that Ryan Mallett is working hard in the New England Patriots' training camp:

Now that he’s been in camp, Mallett has impressed. He has a monster arm, as advertised, and his accuracy has been more hit than miss. It all looks like it’s going fast for him, and he does hold the ball. But so far, so good for any first-year player.

To improve, though, Mallett has done some serious fundamental work. After each practice, he is one of the last off the field, focusing on his drops and doing so with a bungee cord strapped to his waist. He’s trying to take the same drop each time so the receivers can gauge timing off it.


Hat tip to AS360 for the link.

How the Enemy Views Us. Our friends at Garnet and Black Attack, SB Nation's South Carolina Gamecocks blog, have written up a nice preview of the 2011 Razorbacks and their Nov. 5 match-up against Steve Spurrier and Co. 

Is Arkansas This Season's Auburn? That's the question posed by Brett McMurphy of And although he doesn't really answer it, McMurphy is definitely high on the Hogs. A good read.