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Video: Razorback Football Coordinators' Press Conference

If you're looking for a Lou Holtz-style poo-pooing of the Razorback football team's prospects in 2011, don't watch the clip below of the press conference that Arkansas coordinators Garrick McGee, Willy Robinson and John Smith held last week. Unlike Holtz, who when he was the coach at Arkansas seemingly always claimed that the Hogs were likely to lose their game against Western Southern New Mexico State Tech, the trio of coordinators spoke pretty boldly about the Razorbacks' chances in the upcoming season.

"If we get all three phases to work, I’m not real sure who can beat us," said Willy Robinson, as quoted in this report filed by ArkansasSports360's Chris Bahn. "It’s a very, very talented football team, like y’all know. If we can get all three phases to go every week, our goal is very attainable."

"I think we have a legit shot at a SEC title and going to a championship game," Smith added. "We’re going to have to have some luck and stay healthy. But, yeah, we’re fired up."

Hell, yeah! I'll take that sort of confidence any day.

Here's the video, courtesy of

And, by the way, after viewing the clip above, I'm going to have to rethink my vote in yesterday's exercise in democracy. Seriously, what the hell was I thinking - Willy's 'stache is pure magic.