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BREAKING NEWS: SEC Presidents Vote for that Roman, Status Quo

Of course, after my big rant below about how the world should not even mention the idea of the Hogs replacing the Aggies in the Big 12, news breaks that the SEC has voted not to offer an invitation to Texas A&M, at least not for the moment. It appears that the Aggies were pushing too hard too fast for the SEC presidents, and without a 14th team in the pocket and the threat of lawsuits, Mike Slive (a lawyer by trade) and company wisely decided to keep things as they are. I know the majority of you guys voted for inviting the Aggies in, and they may still join us someday, possibly very soon, but I personally think the status quo suits the fortunes of the Hogs better than not. Besides, the Hogs still get to play the Aggies for another seven years after 2011. And no doubt we are going to get a tremendous effort from them in Arlington this year to show the world that they do indeed belong in the SEC. has a good breakdown over there. I am headed over to the SBN Aggie site to see how they are taking the news.

UPDATE: From reading around various websites, including Aggie sites, a common wisdom has emerged that the Aggies are going ahead with plans to leave the Big 12 with assurance from the SEC that they'll then be invited in once they are not in a conference (thus avoiding the "raiding" lawsuits). But that still leaves the mystery of the 14th team? Team 14, who are you?