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Let's Give a Shoutout to the Seniors

Tomorrow's game against Tennessee marks the final time this year's senior class will take the field in Fayetteville as Razorbacks. While every group of players makes their mark on the program somewhere along the way, this crew is special. It's hard to imagine any other class playing a more significant role than what these guys have done.

Think about it - most of them (not counting redshirts or transfers) began their Razorback careers back in the dark days of 2008, when Bobby Petrino and crew were trying to rebuild the program from the ashes left behind by the previous regime, and the team itself was struggling to beat the Western Illinoises of the world and was getting annihilated by the likes of Alabama and Texas. Many of them saw the field that year, and they took their lumps in a big way.

That same group of players, of course, has since formed the core of a team that's been in or hovering near the top 10 for two solid years now, and even more importantly has built a foundation of success for what we hope will be many years to come. Thanks to their hard work, perseverance and talent, the Hogs are in better shape than they've been in for a generation or more.

So, please join me in giving a shoutout to the following, and as you watch the game tomorrow be sure to raise your glass in their honor:

Joe Adams

Seth Armbrust

Lavunce Askew

Jake Bequette

Greg Childs

Grant Cook

DeAnthony Curtis

Elton Ford

Jerry Franklin

Grant Freeman

Greg Gatson

Broderick Green

Jared Green

Bret Harris

Kaelon Kelleybrew

Isaac Madison

Jerico Nelson

Zach Stadther

Tramain Thomas

Jarius Wright

(Note: I've seen reports that there are 17 seniors, but the list on both HogDB and the official Arkansas Razorbacks site seems to come up with 20. Any suggestions as to why the discrepancy?)