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Who Is Your Mid-Season HOG MVP?

I still can't get over the fact that half of the season has already unfolded before our eyes. But it certainly has. It has been a mixture of expected thrashings such as the wins over Missouri State and New Mexico along with getting thrashed some ourselves. Troy pushed us more than we would have liked, but it was a win. As for Alabama and getting thrashed, well, we still can claim to have scored more points on them than anybody else, haha. The season was headed down a very bad road going into the locker room at Jerry World, but thankfully a great second-half comeback against the Aggies turned things around for us. Then we took that momentum and like a good team should we applied it to an Auburn team that has talent, if not much experience, and now we sit here at 5-1. The question in the poll is nearly impossible to answer, for you can say great things about them all, but I was wondering what the collective Hog thought might be here as to which player deserves to be called the MVP of the first half of the season.