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All Alone Atop the West: Arkansas 92, South Carolina 79

Tonight, the Hogs did what they do best: get to the free-throw line. Arkansas hoisted 36 attempts from the charity stripe (36!) and made 27 of them. The Razorbacks were hot from the field as well, shooting 55 percent.

Marshawn Powell was a beast for much of the evening, and Courtney Fortson turned in his usual fine effort. As a result, the Hogs are once again all alone in first place in the SEC West.

I was curious to see how Arkansas would respond after Saturday's deflating loss to Alabama, and I was impressed with their performance. Just two more wins, and the Hogs will finish the year with a winning conference record. I don't know about you, but considering all that has transpired this season, I find that rather amazing.

Also kind of amazing: this team is now 6-1 since the massacre at Kentucky. Despite the recent surge, the Hogs will be extremely hard-pressed to make the NCAA Tournament.

But they appear determined to go down swinging.