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Hey, It's LSU Week!

As every Razorback fan knows, the LSU Tigers are reauxlling into Little Rock this weekend to battle for the Golden Boot and the SEC's potential 2nd BCS bowl berth. Although there are few guarantees in life, here are two absolute locks: the game will be close and the game will be crazy.

How crazy? Well, as Dem-Gaz scribe Tom Murphy pointed out on Twitter today, the combined score of the last three Arkansas-LSU battles is 111-111 with 4 OTs. Throw in the high stakes of this matchup, mix ample amounts of an unstoppable Razorback offense and an immovable Tiger defense, and then throw in a dollop of War Memorial grass in honor of Les Miles and you have the recipe for another classic.

We'll have more in the coming days, of course, but for starters we want to hear from you: pick your favorite LSU game in our poll, then tell us about your favorite Bayou Bengal-related memories in the comments section.