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Rasputin Unveils His Liberty Bowl Game Prediction. What's Yours?


In anticipation of tomorrow's battle against East Carolina, we consulted Rasputin, our staff soothsayer, to get his forecast for the game. A Russian immigrant who claims to be hundreds of years old and who sleeps every night in a chamber of pure oxygen, he has been a rabid Razorbacks football fan since the program's debut in 1894.

An extremely sensitive and volatile man, ole Raz fell into a deep depression following the regular-season-ending defeat to LSU. However, after weeks of sleeping, drinking and weeping the day away, he has been re-energized by the winter solstice - a most important day in the soothsaying community - and by the countdown to the Liberty Bowl.

Here is his prognostication:

"'Tis bowl season, which usually produceth much angst and melancholy among those who cheer for the pig-emblazoned warriors. But this year shall be different.

Offense, offense - I foresee both teams making plenty of entries into the zones that mark the end of the field - particularly since two of our starting defensive warriors did not display the requisite discipline and focus to be eligible for battle.

The battle shall not be easy, and there will be plenty of moments of anxiety and distress. But a new year shall bring about a new result in bowl games. The mighty warriors of Arkansas 38, the mighty warriors of East Carolina 31."

Well, that's enough from Rasputin. Let's hear from you, both in the poll and in the comments thread.