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Tuesday Night Hodge Podge

"Don't Hold Back" -- That's what Dan Patrick said to former Hog Scott Hastings, during this little tirade. Hey, that's my Vanderbilt Man Jay Cutler that you're dissin', Scott! Chill. Eddie Sutton would not approve. Even if Cutler is "an arrogant little punk."

The Continuing Saga of the Traveling Blue Devils -- Sign of the times, I guess, but the fact that I have work to do means I am not with my brother and his son at Cameron Indoor tonight. They got tickets to see Duke play Florida State tonight, and Cameron Indoor has to rate up there as a not-to-miss college hoops experience, but duty called. And it turns out I simply could not have been out of the office today. I am jealous, though. Because where else to you get to see dance moves like this! The audio on the clip is not great, but Jimmy Dykes is fairly disgusted. Eddie Sutton would not approve of that many steps.