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SEC Power Poll: Week 2

It's time for another edition of our SEC Power Poll ballot, in which we do our best to seem objective while secretly wishing we could rate the Hogs towards the top of the rankings (unfortunately, current events mean us that doing so would probably cast serious doubt as to our sanity).

Anyway, here's our ballot from this week. Most SEC teams are still beating up on non-conference cupcakes, so not too much movement from last week's poll (which is shown in parentheses). As always, let us know what you think in the comments section and be sure to check out the final results if you're curious to see how others voted.

1. (1) Georgia (defeated Central Michigan, 56-17)
2. (2) Florida (defeated Miami, 26-3)
3. (3) LSU (game postponed)

Knowshon Moreno makes a highlight reel play, Urban Meyer runs up the score and LSU dodges a hurricane. Good times at the top of the poll.

4. (4) Alabama (defeated Tulane, 20-6)
5. (5) Auburn (defeated Southern Mississippi, 27-13)
6. (10) Vanderbilt (defeated South Carolina, 24-17)

The Commodores are this week's big climber after upsetting South Carolina. And they're smart, too!

7. (7) Kentucky (defeated Norfolk State, 38-3)
8. (9) Tennessee (idle)
9. (8) Mississippi (lost to Wake Forest, 28-30)
10. (6) South Carolina (lost to Vanderbilt, 17-24)

A vintage last-second heartbreaker for a Houston Nutt-coached team (for reference, see the Hogs' 2007 season). And if anyone doubts why we rated Steve Spurrier as only the 8th best SEC coach, his losing to Vandy two years in a row ought to provide a few answers.

11. (12) Mississippi St (defeated SE Louisiana, 34-10)
12. (11) Arkansas (defeated Louisiana-Monroe, 28-27)

It brings us no joy to write this, but get used to Arkansas in this spot. With four top-15 opponents in a row coming up we could be down here for a long while.