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We'll See You Courtside

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The news out of Fayetteville today is that AD Jeff Long is leading a $3 million project to upgrade Bud Walton Arena. Being the power players that we are, Stephen and I have already signed up for a block of eight courtside seats (a bargain at just $12,000 each per season). As the local equivalents to Jack and Spike, we'll be part of a veritable celebrity row that includes luminaries such as Corin Nemec, Gil Gerard and that guy from the Father of the Bride movies. Watch for us on TV with sunglasses on and starlets in tow.

On a slightly less absurd note, I was extremely heartened to note to read that the enormous "salivating Hog" at halfcourt is being replaced by the classic Hog logo from the football helmets. Given that the classic image is one of the coolest sports logos around, and that the salivating one is goofy at best and embarrassing at worst, this seems like an excellent upgrade.