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Monday Hodge Podge

Links to get your week started right:

* A Kentucky fan rates the home court advantage afforded by the various SEC basketball arenas. The best quote: "Arkansas fans rule". Aw shucks, now we're blushing. Anyway, if you're curious as to where he ranks Bud Walton, I'll keep you in suspense a little longer...your answer is right here.

* A few weeks ago I noted the running joke on the Chicago Bears' message board about Marcus Monk being an all-powerful super being. Well, the fun continues as Bears fans speculate on how Monk would fare in the high-stakes world of competitive eating.

* "The Return of Hope in 2008" - the new Barack Obama campaign slogan? A marketing campaign for the Watermelon City? Nope, it's the title of a Bleacher Report blog post by an Ole Miss fan. In case you're wondering what exactly that cause for hope is, here's a sample quote:

"Win or lose, they will leave it all on the field. They will play intelligently and soundly. They will execute. They will understand the fundamental elements of the game. And their leader's decision making will serve as a strength, rather than a handicap."

* This is officially ancient history (2007), but I just stumbled across a link that's too hilarious not to share. Apparently, back during his freewheeling cell phone days, Nutt accidentally dialed the wrong number of some lady in North Carolina a couple of times. Then, when the number was published as part of that FOIA mess, some psycho Hog fans began calling her at all hours of the day (and night). I can only imagine how confusing all that must have been for her.

* The Sporting News college football preview is out and, for what it's worth, they rank the Nutt the 4th best new hire and Bobby Petrino the 5th best. A more interesting list would have been if they'd shown us where all the other potential Arkansas hires would have ranked...what about Jim Grobe? Tommy Tuberville? Tommy Bowden??

Hmm...lots of Houston Nutt content in this hodge podge. I didn't plan it that way, but something tells me that he'll be the source of much blog fodder for many months to come.