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The Fun Never Stops

For those of you thinking (or hoping) that the Razorbacks' drama level would decrease with Mr. Nutt's departure and Bobby Petrino's hiring, I'm sorry to report that you're wrong. Anyway, how could that be...this is Arkansas we're talking about!

In a refreshing change of pace, the scene has now shifted away from text messages and local news reporters to billionaires possibly trying to screw each other over. It seems that Falcons owner (and Home Depot CEO) Arthur Blank is a little peeved about the way the Petrino situation turned out (can't say that we blame him, either). Of course, where it really gets good is when he starts talking about, as noted below, that Cowboys owner and big ol' Razorback fan Jerry Jones was involved. From then it decends into a who-did-what-and-when situation best described by this article on Arkansas Sports 360.

ESPN.comBut guess what, that's not all! Our new coach is so hated by the national media (particularly ESPN) for his heinous acts against humanity that it's pretty much the story of the day all over the place. ESPN even devoted a special section of their site to ripping Petrino, with their college football analyst Pat Forde describing him as "disingenuous drifter" with "blank shark eyes". Wow! That sounds a little personal. I'm guessing that at some point in the past Petrino either a) ran over Forde's dog, or b) slept with his wife, or c) both.

Somehow I feel comforted by all this. The Arkansas football coach is stirring up some craziness and all is right with the world.