The John L Smith Era: Oh Yeah, It Happened

Any Doubt 2012 Was Hogs' Biggest Disaster Ever?

The SEC sites on SB Nation were instructed to do a series to determine the biggest disaster in their program's history. We thought, "aw, that's cute. But really, a series is unnecessary."

Paul Petrino, Haynes, L Say Stupid & Wrong Things

After spending all of the 2012 season praising the players for not giving up despite extraordinarily bad circumstances, these three guys decide now's a great time to throw the players and Jeff Long under the bus.

Petrino Doesn't Give A Flip: 2012 Review

A sadomasochistic look back at the lowlights and lowerlights from Arkansas 2012 football season. Chronicling the fall from Top Ten to 4-8.

Jeff Long Announces L Officially Out At Arkansas

Not that you weren't already aware, but just to make sure everyone was on the same page. You can go back to bed now.

Sippi State 45, Arkansas 14: Take Me Home

It's all become routine at this point, but it's still frustrating and disappointing.

Smile! Train: Enjoying the #HailState Game

The Hogs' season is (mercifully) almost over, but there are still ways to enjoy this Saturday's matchup in Starkville

Carolina 38, Arkansas 20: I Changed The Channel

When this game was scheduled for TV, you may have wondered, "why would CBS want to televise this?" You wondered correctly.

Better Days Are Coming...Right?

The 4-5 football team got you down? Here a few days to look forward to on your Razorback calendar.

Arkansas LB arrested, head coach extremely upset

Razorback senior linebacker suspended after being arrested for driving while intoxicated

Arkansas 19, Tulsa 15: Getting By

The Razorbacks lost their 1st quarter lead just before halftime-again, and played really sloppy offensive football for most of the 2nd half-again, but pulled out one solid second-half touchdown drive and it was enough for Arkansas to claim victory.


Ole Miss Analysis: Petrino Don't Give A Flip

Thoughts on the Ole Miss Game, comparing Dennis Johnson and Knile Davis, and wondering where our offense has gone again.

Ole Miss 30, Arkansas 27: They Had It

Ole Miss 30, Arkansas 27: They had it

It's Only Kentucky, But Hogs Impress

It may have come against one of the worst teams in the SEC, but Arkansas' dominant performance against Kentucky was no less impressive

Inside Look: Razorbacks Revolt, Take Over Team

A behind-the-scenes look into the Arkansas locker room shows us just what happened after the Hogs' first SEC win

USA Today Raises Legal Concerns Over L's Salary

This story just won't end.

Arkansas 24, Auburn 7: Igniting Shreveport Dreams

Hogs get sacks and turnovers aplenty to notch another victory over Auburn and potentially stop Arkansas' downward spiral. Is this the beginning of a turnaround?

Me & Big Al Keep Our Shoes On

Arkansas captain Alfred Davis says the team isn't quitting and I'm gullible. What Arkansas must do to end the misery this weekend.

What can the Razorbacks salvage from this year?

With the Razorbacks stuck at 1-4 and playing nearly unwatchable football, what's left for this team to play for?

Not Smiling, John L, Not Smiling At All

Thoughts on the Kyle Field Massacre with Some Optimism Tossed in at the End

Texas A&M Game Analysis: Petrino Don't Give A Flip

Analysis on the latest chapter in the disaster that is 2012 Arkansas Football.

Open Letter To Random Mentally Unstable Hog Fan

A list of behavioral suggestions for temporarily insane Razorback fans.

Why I'm Giving John L. Smith A "Pass"

One fan's take on JLS's off-the-field behavior

John L. Smith - What You Didn't Hear

Here's the rest of the Alabama (Arkansas) State of the Program address

John L. Smith Says Don't Give Up... on "Alabama"

John L. Smith in Little Rock asks the fans to get behind the "state of Alabama" in his latest leadership gaffe.

"Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow"

Welcome Again to 1992 Hog Fans

Bobby, Er, Paul Petrino Doesn't Give A Flip What You Think About The Rutgers Game

Tailgating with friends Saturday, a buddy recounted a story in which his family was deciding how and where to spend a holiday meal. Their first and second options (which I cant remember and are...

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