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Random Ramsdom

The NFL playoffs start in just three days. Meanwhile, college Bowl games provide looks at the league’s future stars. Even if your favorite team isn’t vying for the Lombardi Trophy, there’s still plenty of buzz surrounding the offseason.

Three More Thursdays

The NFL season is fast approaching. The offseason isn’t short, however, on news, notes, rumors, injuries…and four game suspensions


Next Thursday the St. Louis Rams will play their first preseason game. Four Thursdays after that, the NFL Season will officially kick off. It’s ok if you’ve got goosebumps…

Michael Dyer Really, Really Wants To Play At Arkansas

Dyer told USA Today he'd, if given the opportunity, walk on at Arkansas over taking a scholarship to another school.


Ramblign thoughts on mock drafts

A mock draft is supposed to be a guessing game, and not always a very educated guessing game at that.

USA Today Previews The Razorbacks

USA Today thinks Arkansas is going to suck this year. They have the Hogs ranked 83rd (!) in the country. That's second-worst in the SEC behind only Kentucky. That seems excessive. I believe even though the Hogs may have a bad record this season, they'll still be better than most of the non-BCS schools in weak conferences. But they do give our site a shoutout towards the end, so, WE LOVE USA TODAY!

WWE donates $1.2 million to head trauma research

In the latest sign that WWE are taking the concussion issue extremely seriously, the company have donated a whopping $1.2 million to Chris Nowinski's Sports Legacy Institute in order to help fund research into Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).

Sports media gives strong coverage to gay-friendly NFL players story

Eddie George Outsports' story about a dozen NFL players offering support for a gay teammate got an overwhelming response from the sports...

Column calls for end to gay slurs in hockey

Yesterday's USA Today featured a column from hockey columnist Justin Bourne titled, "It's time to end the use of gay slurs in hockey." It's a nice sentiment, but it feels like a blip on the radar...

USA Today explores Penner's transition back

In April 2007, Los Angeles Times sportswriter Mike Penner became Christine Daniels, announcing in a column that he was transitioning to she. Last October, Daniels ditched her chosen name and became...

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