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Seahawks' Quinn Hired as Florida DC; Smart Stays at Alabama


Florida has announced the hiring of Seattle Seahawks DL coach Dan Quinn as the program's defensive coordinator. He previously worked with Will Muschamp when both coached the Miami Dolphins. This once and for all puts to rest the surprisingly persistent rumors of Kirby Smart leaving Alabama to go to Florida, which once again flared up over the weekend. If you just can't get enough of rumormongering about Smart though, beat the rush by going ahead and penciling him in as Georgia's head coach in 2012.

For What It's Worth . . .


. . . the plane we've all been tracking all day is scheduled to return to Athens around 5:15 this afternoon. Boy, we're going to feel stupid if that has nothing to do with bringing Kirby Smart home. Go 'Dawgs!

Not That Anyone Cares, But the Final BlogPoll is Out


Alabama is a near-unanimous No. 1 and I was the runner-up for Mr. Bold. Move along . . . nothing to see here . . . get back to tracking those airplanes and following David Hale's Twitter feed! Go 'Dawgs!

Alabama Fans Are Taking the Kirby Smart Situation Seriously Enough . . .


. . . to discuss affording him "head coach in waiting status" in Tuscalooa. Go 'Dawgs!

All Quiet on the Tuscaloosa Front


Nothing appears imminent, according to David Hale, so we continue to wait and watch. For the record, the Dallas Cowboys are scheduled to take on the Minnesota Vikings at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, January 17. If Kirby Smart decides to stay put, all of Bulldog Nation probably needs to watch that game and pull hard for the Vikes (the team Brett Favre plays for, not the drug to which he became addicted). Sorry, ausdawg85, but pro loyalties should mean no more to fans than they do to NFL players and owners; we have to be true to our school. Go 'Dawgs!

We're Starting to Get Details


$700,000 a year for a minimum of three years. Mama and money are calling. Reportedly, no decision had been made as of Sunday morning and Alabama will "do everything necessary to keep him." Given Nick Saban's previous comments about lateral moves, and the subsequent statement that 'Bama hired Coach Saban and the Armani Bear hired assistants, I doubt seriously that the Crimson Tide coach is prepared to match that. Either we get this one done or it's back to rooting for the Cowboys to lose as soon as possible. Go 'Dawgs!

Not That This is News to Anyone . . .


. . . but there is a formal offer on the table. Now we wait. Go 'Dawgs!

If You're Looking for There to be a New Defensive Coordinator Tomorrow . . .


. . . you're not looking for it to be Todd Grantham. (By the way, could we get a few more shots of people looking up at the scoreboard of the Dallas Cowboys' new stadium? Other than getting to see the cheerleaders live, there seems to be no difference between watching a Cowboys game on television at home and watching a Cowboys game on television at the Cowboys' stadium.) If we are, in fact, looking at a Sunday announcement, we're looking at a homecoming, not a hire from the NFL ranks. Stay tuned. . . . Go 'Dawgs!

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