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Michael Dyer Probably Deserves Another Shot...Somewhere

Should Michael Dyer be allowed to walk on at Arkansas? Would the current Hogs want him on the team? Is Dyer being honest when he says he's changed? How much harm could he actually do in Fayetteville? Is it possible that he could develop into a great Razorback? I explore these questions in a column I wrote for Sporting Life Arkansas.

Arkansas 2013-14 Athletics Budget Released

Chris Bahn published details of the UA's athletic budget for the coming year, and it's a handy guide to see just how all the money flows through the entire department. Football tickets as usual is the primary moneymaker, followed by SEC and NCAA distributions (TV, bowl payouts, etc). Men's basketball is the only other sport to net profits for the department. Interestingly, they're forecasting a drop of $2.4 million in football ticket sales compared to last year (likely due to one fewer home game, as pointed out below), and projecting an additional $2.1 million in gifts and donations.

Why The Basketball Team Needs A Practice Facility

The Razorback basketball program has been struggling due to several problems in recent years, but one thing the school can control is the lack of a basketball practice facility.

What's The Hold-up With Arkansas and Texas Tech?

With rumors leaking this week of a possible home-and-home with Texas Tech up the road, it's important to understand why Arkansas can't commit to the game yet. Hint: it may have something to do with avoiding a year with only 4 games in Fayetteville.

UA Executive John Diamond Provides Insight On Petrino Firing Process

John Diamond, the associate vice chancellor for university relations at UofA, was in Little Rock Friday and gave a presentation in which he discussed the communications and public relations situation of the now-infamous motorcycle wreck.

Can't Get Enough Basketball Nostalgia

If you're an Arkansas fan, it's almost impossible to avoid Razorback basketball nostalgia in some form or another this time of year. A lot of folks want to name the court for Nolan Richardson, but that's just the beginning of what should happen.

Check Out Bielema's Giant Tailgate Set

Bielema wants a giant truck set, Bielema gets a giant truck set.

Paul Petrino, Haynes, L Say Stupid & Wrong Things

After spending all of the 2012 season praising the players for not giving up despite extraordinarily bad circumstances, these three guys decide now's a great time to throw the players and Jeff Long under the bus.

Jeff Long Makes Triumphant Return To Twitter

Jeff Long returned to his mildly-snarky twitter tone this weekend and quickly upset Arkansas State fans. Sporting Life Arkansas did a fantastic job of documenting the theatre. Long mostly disappeared from twitter after it was clear the football season was going down the drain and BVC ripped him tweeting about a red-out for the Alabama game.

Bielema Sept Note To Long Praises Petrino Firing

Arkansas Athletic Director Jeff Long had his first official contact with head coaching candidate Bret Bielema on Dec. 3, but Bielema might have popped up on the radar back in September.

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