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Y'all Play Nice: The SEC Staple - Thanksgiving Edition


Doc Harper and Russ Mitchell, College Football News' lead SEC columnist, break down the SEC games you need to watch, the SEC questions you want answered, and of course, the SEC Power Rankings.

James Franklin Loves the Ladies!


Just such a classy, classy guy. I think we can all agree that Todd Grantham was totally in the wrong for getting in Franklin's face.

I Told You the Vanderbilt Commodores Hated America!


Vanderbilt is like an out-of-work teacher: no class. Go 'Dawgs!

If You Wonder Why Georgia Fans Are So Mad About Last Saturday . . .


. . . just read the article linked to above. Dr. Saturday is one of the best college football weblogs out there (and it should be noted that Matt Hinton didn't write this), but the popular media meme has taken hold even in that most respected corner of the blogosphere. The video of James Franklin's tirade during the postgame handshake, which shows Mark Richt conducting himself with class and underscores the extent to which Coach Franklin was the instigator of the whole thing, is distorted to suggest that Coach Richt expected his defensive coordinator to tee off on an opposing coach. A comparison is then drawn to last year's incident in Jacksonville. Last year, you will recall, Todd Grantham directed an inappropriate gesture and an inappropriate remark toward an opposing player. He was wrong to do so, and I said so at the time. Last Saturday, James Franklin directed an inappropriate gesture and an inappropriate remark toward an opposing player. He was wrong to do so, and Todd Grantham said so at the time. The proper comparison to what Coach Grantham did last year is to what Coach Franklin did last Saturday, not to what Coach Grantham did in response. If such basic facts are being missed even by weblogs typically as keenly perceptive as Dr. Saturday, well, the rest of the world shouldn't wonder why Bulldog Nation is as incensed as Coach Grantham. Coach Franklin is the bad guy here. Fight the real enemy! Go 'Dawgs!

Vandy Fans Are Glad We Won


They think that, if we'd lost, Mark Richt would have been fired, and we'd have hired James Franklin away from the Commodores. That is pure delusion. Go 'Dawgs!

Team Speed Kills Takes a Look at Vandy's Recruiting Momentum


Our friends over at Team Speed Kills, SB Nation's SEC affiliate, examine the trends behind Vanderbilt's football recruiting and the rising tide of athletes who have helped spur James Franklin's big 2012 haul so far. Brian Kimbrow, as expected, remains a focal point of Vandy's recruiting prowess this summer: "Vanderbilt has 12 commitments for the upcoming National Signing Day. One of them hasn't been rated yet. The rest are all three-stars except for Brian Kimbrow, who is a four-star signee. Kimbrow is important for two reasons. First, he's the second highest-rated all-purpose back of the 2012 class. Vandy is never, ever in the running for guys rated that highly. Second, he's the top-rated player in all of Tennessee. For as long as Rivals has been giving out numerical ratings of players (since 2004), Vandy hasn't signed anyone above the eighth highest-rated player in the state." Head over to TSK and check the whole thing out. It'll give any Vandy fan a great appreciation of how far this team has come.

Vanderbilt Officially Hires James Franklin


Vanderbilt has officially hired James Franklin several days after the WaPo and ESPN reported they would. Geez guys, could you have moved any slower in the contract negotiations? It's a wonder the Big Ten didn't come sniffing after you last summer.

Just How Big Was James Franklin's Impact on Maryland's Offense?


My blogging time right now is mostly spent trying to finish some things up before bowl season begins, so I won't have much today. However, Anchor of Gold has a nice piece on the performance of James Franklin, Vandy's head coach-in-limbo (nice term, Train Island), at Maryland. It's a bit of a mixed bag, but that's what you'd expect from a coach whose teams range from 9-4 to 2-10.

WaPo: James Franklin to Be Next Vanderbilt Head Coach


The Washington Post is at it again with the Vanderbilt head coaching search, this time reporting that it's Marlyand OC James Franklin who will be Vanderbilt's next head football coach. If it comes to pass, that means the SEC will have taken the nation's only two head coaches in waiting away from the schools they were supposed to take over. Anchor of Gold is on top of the story, and the denizens there don't seem wowed by the hire. Honestly, I wouldn't be either after being told erroneously that Gus Malzahn was going to be the next coach.

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