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The Week in Comments

In what will be a newish recurring feature, we revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Prayers for Spring Break

My speech to the team before they take off on Spring Break, with hopes everyone is safe and smart in their decisions during their week of freedom. It applies to all of our students and athletes, of course.

UPDATE: UA NOT Cracking Down On Beer At Baum!

What's that? You like going into the Hog Pen with your cooler and lawn chair and having fun for a few hours while watching the Hogs? Well you're getting the shaft.

Austin Flynn Arrested

A day after Alabama began it's march to the Fulmer Cup, defending champion Arkansas is showing it will not just hand the trophy over without a fight.


Nashville Help Needed - ASAP!

Can anyone help an SBN brotha out? I am driving down to Nashville tomorrow (8/17) with a bunch of my youngest brother's friends for his bachelor party (guy doesn't drink, likes country music,...

Ducks Gameday -- We're Leading the League in Something!

The Anaheim Ducks lead the NHL in GWW. Cartoon!


The Hierarchy of Celebratory Booze - 2011 Milwaukee Brewers Playoffs Edition

Introduction: This idea came up in a BCB game thread sometime around Magic Number: 15. "Charlie Marlow," other commenters and I were discussing what we were drinking during the game. It dawned on...

Ultimate Boston College Bar Tournament Final Four: (1) Roggies vs (12) Harry's Bar and Grille

The Boston College Bar Tournament has its first Final Four matchup...between Harry's Bar and Grille and Roggies

Shane Helms Investigated For DUI After Motorcycle Crash

Shane Helms Investigated For DUI After Motorcycle Crash. The development is unsurprising given that alcohol, maybe mixed with pills, has often been the root cause of the trouble Helms and his friends have gotten into in recent years.

Your $7 beer, now featuring e coli

Some Red Reporters (myself included), will be interacting with this device this afternoon, and many more will follow suit on Saturday. Am I alone with my sanitary concerns? If the beer egress point is on a flat, upward-facing surface, is not more nastiness bound to accumulate there? Won't food be continually passed over the dispenser? Plus, this setup puts vendor's hands closer to the rim of the cup. Red Reporter, your thoughts, please.

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