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Let's Give Brandon Allen A Chance!

Instead of focusing on a couple of shaky performances as a backup in a disaster-filled season, let's hold off on judging Allen's potential until he gets a chance to lead the team this season.

Tyler Wilson, Other Arkansas NFL Prospects Seek Return on Training Costs

Chris Bahn takes a look at the training culture Tyler Wilson and many other NFL Draft hopefuls from Arkansas are going through.

Bielema Fueling Spring Practice With Bad Memories

Nobody wants to go through 2012 again.

Chris Bahn: Razorback Stadium Expansion Would Make Sense If...

Bahn's column from Sporting Life Arkansas offering his thoughts on the potential expansion of North End Zone seating at Razorback Stadium.

UPDATE: UA NOT Cracking Down On Beer At Baum!

What's that? You like going into the Hog Pen with your cooler and lawn chair and having fun for a few hours while watching the Hogs? Well you're getting the shaft.

Petrino Facility Comments Draw Ire. Should They?

Why would Bobby Petrino say some of Western Kentucky's football facilities are better than what he had at Arkansas? Because some of them are. Although that will soon change thanks to a $40 million investment.

UA Study Concludes Razorbacks Have $153.5 Million Impact On Arkansas Economy

Via Chris Bahn: In an effort to justify spending millions to further expand Razorback Stadium by renovating the north end zone, UA conducted a study to determine exactly how much revenue the athletic department, specifically football, generates for the state. An interesting note: 70% of football game attendees are from outside Northwest Arkansas. That's relevant for both determining travel revenue on game weekends as well as giving people a new stat to chew on for the Great Stadium Debate. What are your thoughts on the possibility of renovating the north end zone?

Bahn on Razorback Signing Day Drama

Chris Bahn opines on the only-happens-to-Arkansas circus that took place yesterday and gives thoughts on the class as a whole.

Hog Slobber Podcast #9-Looking To Razorback Future

Doc and Chris talk about the latest goings-on in Razorback world, including where the football program is headed and the coaching search.

Razorback Media Updates - Radio & Website Moves

There have been changes on the local sports talk radio circuit, and one popular news site has been shut down.

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