Fans Saw New Side Of Bielema At Media Days

It's the first time we've really seen Bielema have to display a toughness necessary defend himself and fight back. If he can instill that trait in the football team, it could be vital for the...

Bielema on ESPN's Highly Questionable with Bomani Jones and Dan LeBetard


Part of his run through ESPN's Car Wash was this appearance, which is fun because there's really no football talk. It's all about Bielema's relationship with Jen, how they met, how he said he was an Eastern religion history professor, and how they coordinated getting rid of his bachelor stuff when they moved to Arkansas. Fun stuff.

Bret Bielema's ESPN Car Wash Schedule


The Razorbacks' head coach is in Bristol, CT today making the rounds on a series of ESPN shows and platforms. Here's the itinerary: 10:00 am Digital Media 10:40 am College GameDay 11:00 am Highly Questionable 11:40 am SportsCenter (live) 11:55 am ITK/Front Row 12:15 pm SVP & Russillo Radio Show (live) 12:30 pm chat 12:55 pm CFB Insider w/ Travis Haney 1:20 pm College Football Live 2:00 pm Coach & Company Radio Show 2:15 pm SC Tonight w/ Freddie Coleman

What They're Saying About Bielema After Media Days


Several reporters met Bielema for the first time on Wednesday, here is what some of them are saying about him.

ADG's Bob Holt Wins SEC Media Days


He should have his own mic.

Kickoff Times & TV Info For First 3 Games Released

This really is the best part of SEC Media Days.

How Bret Bielema Can Go 1-0 At SEC Media Days

It's always asked if new coaches will be ready to handle the SEC Media Days spectacle. Here's a little unsolicited advice from us to help wade through the Golden Flakes.

Louisiana-Lafayette Releases Hype Video


Actually U-LaLa released it a couple of weeks ago, but we're just now seeing it for the first time. It's very intimidating, what with all the rope-holding and exercising. I think we can clearly say Arkansas' football trailer is the much superior video. If only this counted for points in the game.

Stewart Mandel Lists Bielema Among Top Coaches In America


Bielema isn't listed in the top 10, but is among a pretty impressive list of coaches in the "Just Missed" section along with Steve Spurrier, Charlie Strong, Brian Kelly and Mark Richt. Bobby Petrino is #9 on the list. However, John L. Smith is not listed among the 5 worst, and that kinda throws the credibility of the list into question - regardless of how small Fort Lewis College is.

Michael Dyer Really, Really Wants To Play At Arkansas


Dyer told USA Today he'd, if given the opportunity, walk on at Arkansas over taking a scholarship to another school.

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